Chris Townsend looks at Sherpa’s zip top as a mid layer and finds…

Polartec Classic Micro is a well-established lightweight fleece that is very soft, very comfortable and very durable. It’s also surprisingly warm for the weight. The Namche Zip Top is a basic pullover with a zip neck.

There are no other features. The double- faced fabric – fleece on both sides – is stretchy so the Namche can be close-fitting without feeling restrictive. The snug double-layer neck keeps the neck warm. The sleeves are quite long – I can pull them over the back of my hands. The fleece isn’t windproof or water resistant – this is a sweater, not a jacket – but it is very breathable and dries fast when damp.

The Namche is a fairly standard fleece sweater made from probably the best thin fleece fabric. It’s very light, low cost and excellent for year-round use.

Reviewed in November 2015 issue