The Atlas is the lowest cost jacket tested. It’s also the longest and the second heaviest. The traditional length should appeal to walkers who dislike modern short waterproof jackets. (Rohan says it’s cut to cover a suit jacket so you can wear it in town!) You’ll certainly need to wear overtrousers less often with the Atlas. It looks traditional too, with flaps over the pockets and a doubleflap over the front zip. No water-resistant zips here. The fabric is soft and flexible but feels substantial. It’s not as breathable as some other jackets but at this price that’s hardly a complaint.

The pockets are big and roomy and the jacket can be stuffed inside the chest one. The hood is good too, providing excellent protection while moving with the head. It can be zipped away into the collar, which I guess is another urban wear feature.

Lightweight backpackers won’t be interested in this heavy, bulky jacket. However hillwalkers who wear their jacket all day rather than carrying it and who prefer a longer garment and a traditional look should consider the Atlas, especially given the price. It’s suitable for year round use too.