The Robens Xtra Lite 800 is similar to the other thin, sub one-kilo bags tested. It is the least expensive, though, and because there’s not much to choose between them this low cost would make it my choice. Like similar bags, it’s really only suited for warm sleepers in UK summers but would be fi ne in hotter climates. The fill is sewn through but the outer is only attached at the edges to cut out some of the heat loss through the stitch lines. The hood has two drawcords – one for the lower section and one for round the head, so you can pull the bag close across the shoulders without having to tighten it round the face. The two drawcords run through the same cordlock but are different colours and diff erent materials so they can be distinguished by touch when it’s dark – one being round and stretchy, the other fl at and non-stretch. The zip runs smoothly and has a baffle behind it. Light, low bulk and cheap, this is a bag for backpackers heading to hot countries.