This is the warmest sleeping bag out of the bags tested in our guide to Best three-season sleeping bags for hiking. The 900g MicroThermo Ball synthetic insulation is highly effective, and I felt comfier in colder temperatures compared to the other bags I tested. It has the feel of a down bag in the way it ‘fluffs’ up, and is instantly cosy when you climb in. But you pay for this with the weight: at 1395g it is quite heavy to backpack with. At 220cm long this sleeping bag certainly seems to be aimed at taller people, and unfortunately no shorter version is available. 

Price: £190 | Weight: 1495g | Fill: 900g MicroThermo Ball 600FP polyester | Shell:  20D ripstop nylon | Construction: box wall | Zip: 2-way, near-full-length in centre | Length: 220cm | Rating: comfort 0°C, limit -5°C | Sizes: long Women’s version: no

If you are someone who likes to sit up in your sleeping bag in your tent to eat or read etc then this one may be well suit  you, as a high waist drawcord really helps to keep the warmth in. It is easy to be initially sceptical of having the zip in the centre of the bag rather than on one of the sides, but I quickly fell in love with this design. Firstly, I found that it made getting in and out of the bag much easier when camping in a small shelter where space is limited.

This is especially the case when using a bivvy bag. Secondly it made it easier to change clothing layers without getting out of the bag. Thirdly it allows for even ventilation over your core if you decide to open the zip during the night. There is no side ventilation zip, but I felt it would be unnecessary with this centre zip design.

It is easy to undo the zip almost to the feet, and use the bag like a quilt in warmer conditions. People who tend to get warm feet may miss the lack of a foot box ventilation zip however. Whilst quite heavy and lacking a shorter version, the Icefall Pro 900 is a well-designed three-season bag, particularly if you want to prioritise warmth and comfort.