The Chaser 1 is lightweight and good value for money. The single hoop design is well-proven and it’s easy and quick to pitch as a unit. An unusual feature is that you can roll up half the flysheet for ventilation and bug-free views on calm dry nights. The inner and outer can each be pitched separately too.

Price: £280, only available in the UK & EU (buy from Robens /

Weight: 1245g | Pitching: as a unit | Flysheet: silicone/Pu nylon, 2000mm hydrostatic head | Inner: 20D nylon mesh | Groundsheet: 20D PU nylon ripstop, 5000mm hydrostatic head | Poles: aluminium 7001, T6, 8.5/7.0 mm, anodised | Pegs: 12 x 16cm square | Porches: 1, max depth 40cm | Inner Dimensions: 70 x 50cm ends, 90cm centre, max. height 90cm

Stability is good as there are six guylines plus a pair of short poles at each end. Robens recommends replacing the supplied pegs with storm pegs (which I understand to mean longer, wider ones) in strong winds and U-shaped pegs for stony or hard ground. I agree, as the supplied pegs are quite thin.

The inner is roomy with good headroom for someone my height but not anyone much taller. The inner is made from black mesh. This makes it dark inside, which might seem gloomy on a dull day, but should be boon in the short nights of summer.

There are no vents, but the top of the two-way door zip can be left undone to let some moist air out as it’s protected by a hood. An all mesh inner also helps with ventilation.

Whilst the inner is spacious the porch isn’t, and that’s the biggest drawback of this tent. The porch is long but it’s also shallow. An empty pack can be stored on its side and there’s room for footwear and wet waterproofs but there isn’t enough space for safe cooking. Pulling the groundsheet back to create more space is very awkward as the main pole fits into a tape attached to it. Unfastening this risks the tent losing its shape. A deeper porch would be a big improvement.

Despite the shallow porch and the pegs, the price is the lowest of the tents reviewed and this makes the Chaser 1 worth considering for three-season use.

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Chris Townsend headshot

Tested by Chris Townsend

The tents were used in the winter and spring in the Cairngorms in all weather conditions – heavy rain, strong winds, frosty nights, and snow. All tents were weighed on the tester’s digital scales and the weights are for all components including stuff sacks. Chris Townsend is 5’ 8” tall with a long back and short legs.