I’ve never been one to read the instructions first, but I came a cropper because I didn’t on these. So, so much has been written about barefoot running in the last decade and especially since the publication of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, that it’s hard to chart a course and fully understand the implications. And those who are advocates are evangelists. The argument, in short, is that it’s more natural and you’ll see less stress in the foot. But we have been so conditioned by cushioned footwear it’s hard to ‘unlearn’.

I went out walking and running in these and felt pressure later in my shins and calves so I did a bit more research and found instructions on the Vivibarefoot site called: ‘Learn the skill of walking’. Vivobarefoot require learning skills and techniques to get it right, and I’ve started on that track, because I think that there will be value persevering. (I’ll keep this review updated online).

There’s no drop in these shoes at all, nor a midsole and they feel very different. The uppers and tongue is all sewn in so feels like a sock. They are really grippy, and good in mud thanks to an interesting and aggressive outsole, and they are also stable for the reasons I mentioned in the Inov-8 review. I’m looking forward to starting my journey using these shoes, but I think it will take time. I’ve seen them discounted to £60.

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