This single hoop tent is very light for the space. Vaude says it can sleep two, though you’d have to be very friendly. For one it’s spacious with reasonable headroom and a longer groundsheet than most solo tents. The Power Lizard pitches as a unit and can be erected very quickly. Rather than sleeves the poles attach with double locking clips, which increases stability and stops the pole deforming in strong winds. There are also internal guylines for further stability. However the rest of the tent can flap noisily. There are short poles at each end to give headroom and some rigidity. These are not as effective as the corner poles on the Akto or the Scarp though.

The inner is asymmetrical, with the end away from the door the wider one. This seems the wrong way round to me. I’d like to have the most space just inside the door. I’d also like to see the door on the other side – this is a tent for left-handed people! As it is I have to lie on my right side to see out, which makes it awkward to do things. Overall though the inside space is good. The porch is just deep enough for cooking safely inside.

Ventilation isn’t a strong point as there are no vents on the flysheet. There isn’t a canopy over the top of the door either so the zip can only be left open here when it’s not raining. There are small mesh panels at each end of the inner and at the top of the inner door.

First published: May 2013