The Laser 600 is the lightest bag tested (in the July 2013 issue of TGO). It’s also filled with the highest lofting down available so the warmth to weight ratio is excellent. To keep the weight down it only has a short zip, which does mean it’s hard to ventilate if you get too hot.

The 600 is quite roomy and extra clothes could be worn inside, which might be needed in sub-zero temperatures. The hood fits well and is warm and snug. There’s a draft collar too. The shell fabric, which for once doesn’t have a fancy name, is soft and comfortable against the skin and drapes well round the body, cutting out cold spots.

This is a bag for ultralight backpackers. It’s low bulk as well as light weight and doesn’t take up much room in your pack. There are warmer bags reviewed but none are as light as this. The price is very high though so you really have to want to save those grams.

First published: July 2013