More than 12 months ago, the Sprayway All-Day Rain Pants gave me my fi rst experience of waterproofed trousers designed to be worn throughout a day’s hike; these have, therefore, had somewhat more use than the other featured models of this nature.

Design-wise they make for comfortable wear: two useable hand pockets (perhaps could be a little deeper for peace of mind, and be given slightly less abrasive zips) and a mesh-lined rear pocket, a comfortable waist, and a nice cut that allows plenty of room for movement. First-time out in the All-Days was in heavy rain and I was happy with the way they performed, the only cause for concern being the way the fabric around my ankles – which had come in for abrasion from sodden vegetation – had wetted out somewhat – the DWR coating may not be too robust. However, as the outer fabric is gentler than that used in most over-trousers, that’s perhaps to be expected.