The heaviest and bulkiest tent tested [May 2013] occupies almost as much pack space as any two of the others featured and sits right on the price ceiling.

So why the high rating? Space. Specifically, the humungous (160cm-deep, 150cm-wide, 101cm-high) porch into which will devour gear and accommodate a cook-up. It reminds me somewhat of the Hilleberg Nallo 2GT but built to a price.

Pitching took around 20 minutes out-of-the-bag: a long time compared to the others, but resulting in a robust spacious tent, with far less shenanigans than most of the smaller models.

Entry is via either of the porch’s two doors: the smaller one in the nose, or the larger side door (where door and midge screen have, unfortunately, to be unzipped individually).

The sleeping compartment, entered by a midge net-backed, near-full circular door, is pretty generous – 95cm high, 130cm wide at the entry and 215cm deep – and the spaciousness is retained throughout most of the tent’s length due to the near-sheer tunnel walls which lend a relaxing yellow-tinged light.

Inner mesh pockets are too small though a gear hanging line, when tensioned, also seemed to improve headspace. Splitting the weight makes this a very comfortable backpacking option. 

First published: May 2013