Chris Townsend selected Petzl’s headtorch as a ‘Recommended Buy’, find out why

This powerful torch has been in Petzl’s range for years with few changes. That’s because it works well.

There’s only one LED, with a sliding diffuser to change it from spot to flood. There are two small buttons on the top. When in an upright position these are locked and can’t be pressed, a good security feature. To use the Myo the lamp needs to be pivoted slightly – it pivots about 45° in total. The main button protrudes a fair way and can be used when wearing gloves. The sequence of button presses is simple. One press of the larger button turns it on at maximum brightness, the second and third presses reduce the beam to what Petzl call Optimum and Economic brightness, a fourth press causes the beam to flash.

At the Optimum and Economic settings the power is regulated but it’s not at the Maximum setting. The smaller button activates the extremely bright boost mode which only stays on for 60 seconds. The brightness levels of each mode and thus the time the battery lasts can be adjusted by pressing both buttons.

The battery case sits on the back of the head, balancing the lamp unit. It can be easily opened and closed with gloves on. The Myo is comfortable to wear. It is quite heavy but a good choice for a really bright light.