I tested Women’s Guide Trousers in 2006, and loved them. They have since evolved to these pants, which have different fabric and cut. The fabric used here is rather noisy, not particularly supple and virtually no stretch. So, despite the brushed interior, I found it less pleasant against my skin. It has very good wind resistance and reasonable breathability. My main problem was the waist. Instead of a zip fly and stud, Guide has a closed waist with elastication at the back and a flat front with static drawcords. While the elastic ensures fit, it doesn’t necessarily help with hauling the waist up over one’s bum. When I’ve had a subtle pee behind a rock, then tried to wriggle quickly back into my trousers, I really, really miss that zip and stud. Apart from that, the cut is movement-friendly, with articulated knees and a non-restrictive crotch. The waist is cut slightly higher at the back and has a stretchy rear yoke, so the rise and general fit is good. Zipped hip pockets are handy and the straight cuff is simple to hem. The pull-on waist is a personal thing; if it suits you, these are good pants for colder climes.

First published: Spring 2013