These lined trousers are ones for cold weather. I wore them on freezing days last winter and found them warm enough. The mesh lining has the same effect as wearing lightweight long johns. The lining stops just below the knees, presumably on the basis that socks or gaiters will provide warmth here. Described as ‘cubic’ by Odlo the lining has an unusual knobbly appearance, though it feels fine next to the skin. It’s close-fitting but very stretchy and moves easily with the legs. Shaped knees help with this. Odlo says the lining has a ‘very high climate-regulating effect’. I’ve found that it wicks moisture fast and dries quickly.

The Platinum Warm trousers are comfortable to wear. The fabric isn’t fully windproof but is okay in all but the strongest winds. For cold weather these are good trousers. There’s only one feature I dislike and that’s the pocket on the side of the thigh. This reaches down to the knee and I found that anything in it felt uncomfortable next to the leg. A shorter pocket would probably feel better.

First published: Sept 2013