Chris Townsend has been out testing this interesting ultralight option from MSR

MSR’s new Wing is a straighforward rectangular tarp designed to be pitched with trekking poles or hung between two trees. It’s well made with reinforced corners and guyline attachment points. Guylines are provided at each corner and in the middle of each end, along with siz pegs. There are two more attachment points on each side. I’d be inclined to add guylines to these for any usage where it might be breezy. The 70 Wing is designed for 2-3 people. Pitched high above the ground there’s certainly room for three. Pegged close to the ground three would be a tight fit and it’s better for two. For one it’s very roomy whatever the configuration.

The Wing is lightweight and packs down into a tiny bundle. There’s nothing wrong with it but it is expensive for a flat tarp.

The Wing is seen here alongside the Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 by MSR which weighs 469g and costs an additional £170.