Chris Townsend reviews a lightweight wicking pullover from Montane

This review was first published in the September 2017 issue of The Great Outdoors

In design this is a simple garment: a pullover with a long zip neck and one pocket. But the fabric is far from simple: smooth on the outside with a brushed grid of raised fleece pillars separated by narrow channels on the inner. This structure makes for fast wicking and an excellent warmth-for-weight ratio as the channels both reduce weight and trap warm air. So good is the wicking that the stretchy Power Up Pull-On can be worn next to the skin, where it feels soft and comfortable. The Medium ts me quite closely, which is good for a next-to-skin wear. In cold weather I’d wear another warm layer over this rather than under it. Power Grid isn’t at all wind or water resistant but it is fast-drying.

The collar is snug and warm. The zip has a chinguard and an inner flap, usually unnecessary in a fleece but here it means the zip isn’t against the skin when worn as a base layer. The cuffs fit closely but stretch enough that the sleeves can be pulled up for ventilation. The pocket is designed for a GPS or mobile phone. It won’t take a map.

The weight is low, especially for the warmth provided.