A powerful and waterproof headtorch. Why else did Mammut’s torch receive Chris Townsend’s ‘Recommended Buy’ award?

The X-Shot is a powerful torch with good battery life. It is on the heavy side but if you’ll be walking in the dark for long periods it’s an excellent choice. The long control button has a ridge on it so you can easily feel it with a glove. Two presses in quick succession are required to switch it on, which gives protection against the torch being switched on unintentionally if the button is accidentally pressed.

Initially the two side LEDs, which give a flood light, come on at their lowest setting. For camp use and walking on easy terrain this amount of light is all that’s needed. Another press and these LEDs become brighter. A fourth press and the central LED comes on as well, a fifth press and the side LEDs go off and the central LED brightens.

There’s also a boost mode and, for emergencies, a flash mode. The lamp pivots 45°. The battery case has a red light built-in which can also be used in a fl ash mode. Although the weight is noticeable the X-Shot is nevertheless comfortable to wear. The battery case has a soft cover that flips off easily so changing batteries isn’t difficult.