In the June 2016 issue of The Great Outdoors Chris Townsend tested a range of bags for spring to autumn

The Nordic OTI is the least expensive bag tested. However it’s also the second heaviest and is barely warm enough for three seasons. I’d say it would be fine in summer but not on a frosty night. It’s quite close-fitting too and I can’t wear more than a thin fleece inside without feeling restricted and so couldn’t boost the warmth much with clothing.

Used in temperatures above +5 the Nordic OTI is quite comfortable. The hood fits well, though the drawcord is a bit fiddly to use. There’s no draft collar but there is a very thick baffle inside the zip. The zip runs smoothly. The lining fabric has a matt finish and feels soft and pleasant against the skin.

The low cost makes the Nordic OTI worth considering if price is a factor, you’re not going to use it in temperatures below freezing, and the weight and rather high bulk don’t matter.

Review published June 2016