Power stretch jacket which fits closely and is comfortable to wear

Power Stretch is a well-proven fast wicking, soft and comfortable fleece fabric. It has a smooth outer and a fluffy inner. Moisture vapour passes rapidly through the material then spreads out over the smooth surface to evaporate. Power Stretch can be worn as either a mid or base layer. It has four-way stretch and so can be skin tight without restricting movement. For high aerobic activities it’s excellent because of the fast wicking. I’ve worn it extensively for crosscountry skiing, which produces much more sweat than walking.

The Aconcagua is a fairly basic Power Stretch jacket. It fits closely and is comfortable to wear. The roomy pockets can be used when wearing a rucksack hipbelt though, as so often, the bottom of them is cut off. The high collar is snug and warm and the sleeves are long with thumb loops.

The Aconcagua is a bit warmer than a microfleece top and a fair bit heavier and costlier too. It’s not wind or water resistant but does dry very fast.


Reviewed in November 2015 issue