Owyhee (oh-waa-hee) combines the comfort of a sandal with the stability of a shoe. I wore my first pair in 2011 and swear by them as an all-terrain sandal. They feel lightweight on my feet, with ventilation but also plenty of side and underfoot support. Fit is adjustable through toggle-controlled shockcord ‘lacing’ along the top of the foot; a heel tape is also linked to this. A small mesh panel across the heel stops grit ingress, which I appreciate as this type of sandal can be fiddly to pull on and off, especially with damp feet. Protection is excellent, with Keen’s chunky toe bumper and side strapping. A neoprene-like lining rises marginally above the ankle strapping, providing foot comfort and security even when the sandal is wet (in fact, Keen markets this as a watersport sandal). It could do with more instep support, but the midsole and outsole units are positive and stable, and the 3mm lugs are confidence-inspiring. Plus, it’s available in half sizes.

First published: Spring 2014