This sandal confuses me: it has technical features but ultimately whispers ‘casual leisure’. Lightweight and open, it has a deep-lug sole unit, the best instep support of the sandals tested, and claims patented underfoot cushioning. Despite this ‘D30 impact protection’ it feels hard when the foot strikes; there just isn’t enough between my foot and the ground. Strapping – textile stitched to leather straps attached to the footbed – anchors the feet and provides more protection than initial impressions suggest, but toes feel exposed and I took real care with foot placement. The only adjustment is across the ankle, courtesy of a narrow webbing and Velcro strap. This has no padding and is uncomfortable. The front is secured with a lattice of straps but because it is non-adjustable my forefoot tended to slip sideways. The heel loop has a small pad for comfort with security aided by a scoop in the heel footbed. These are smart and would boost a travel wardrobe, but I am mystified by the price tag (although they’re currently half-price online).

First published: Spring 2014