This is one of my favourite tents. I’ve used it on hundreds of nights, including on my continuous round of the Munros and Tops. When launched over 20 years ago it was the lightest single hoop tent available. However there are now several much lighter alternatives. They probably won’t last as long but they do mean less weight in your pack. The Akto’s weight comes from the use of top quality tough fabrics and components. The standard of manufacture is superb. If weight isn’t critical and you want an excellent tent that will last, the Akto is well worth considering.

The design of the Akto is still one of the best. It’s more stable than most single hoop tents due to the short corner poles and the double guylines attached to them and it has a larger porch than most too, which is excellent for cooking and gear storage. Ventilation is good, with a protected vent at the top of the flysheet door and zipped vents at each end of the flysheet. These are made from breathable fabric so even when closed they allow some airflow. The inner tent has a mesh panel on the top half of the door with a fabric flap to cover it if necessary. I can sit up comfortably in the Akto but those much taller than me might find it a little low.

The Akto pitches as a unit and can be erected in a few minutes. Four pegs are all that’s need for it to be usable but another six for the corners and main guylines are required for maximum stability.

First published: May 2013