The Fizan Alp is a replacement for the very successful Fizan Aconcagua poles and features the company’s new, and excellent, Concept Locking System. Most manufacturers use a traditional internal ratcheting system, the twist lock, to tighten up pole sections but Fizan have opted for an external lock. All you have to do is twist a knurled knob once and it locks the sections together, probably the simplest of all the trekking pole locking systems.

This system doesn’t even add much in the way of weight – the Alps weigh in at a very reasonable 230g per pole. They’re made from the standard 7075 aluminium and have an EVA foam grip. The wrist straps are a little basic for such an advanced pole though and I feel a much better wrist strap, like the excellent straps on the Black Diamond poles, could have earned this pole 5 stars.

I’ve really enjoyed using these trekking poles – they are well-balanced, sturdy and come supplied with 50mm and 85mm baskets which make them great poles for snowshoeing. I used them on some long snowy days in the spring and they performed beautifully, allowing me to adjust them while wearing thick mitts.

At £70 a pair I’m aware these poles are not particularly cheap but they are still substantially cheaper than the Black Diamond models. There are of course many other trekking poles on the market but Fizan’s Concept locking system is probably a bit of a revolution. For that reason alone these poles are worth the money.

First published: Sept 2013