Chris Townsend reviews a roomier down bag for Scottish winter or Alpine summer use

This review was first published in the March 2018 issue of The Great Outdoors.

The Exped Lite is a bag for those who are heavily built or who find most mummy bags a bit restrictive as it’s wider than average and less tapered. It’s big enough to fit a narrower thinner bag inside in extreme cold. The extra size and a slightly thicker shell fabric do mean it’s a bit heavier than similar bags but it’s still quite light. Comfort is excellent – it is nice to have extra room to move in. The hood fits well and there’s a good draft collar. Both are easily adjusted from inside the bag. There’s a thick baffle behind the zip too.

Exped uses down certified by the independent Responsible Down Standard, which ensures that down comes from birds that have been treated well. The shell fabrics are also Bluesign certified.

The cost of the Exped Lite is lower than for lighter weight down bags of comparable warmth, so if weight isn’t crucial and you prefer a roomy bag it’s a good choice.