Will Renwick reviews the Bergans Stegaros – a heavy-duty softshell jacket for the outdoors

This jacket by Bergans is very similar to the Jöttnar Garm: similar materials, an almost identical cut and the same high level of protection from the elements. The Stegaros has fewer pockets but it has pit zips – these are the only real differences in design that I can spot. This is a fair bit cheaper than Jöttnar’s Garm which is presumably down to the fact that Bergans is a larger brand and able to take advantage of economies of scale.

It’s certainly a jacket built for tough conditions, managing to keep strong winds out and shedding water very nicely. I had confidence in it even in fairly wet and windy conditions. The pit zips make this more of a breathable jacket than the Garm, but if you are looking for a highly breathable jacket for high-tempo activities, you would be better off with one of the lighter jackets tested.

Reviewed April 2016