Our mountaineering reviewer, Kirk Watson, climbed high in the snow-covered Cairngorms to review the best two-person tents. On test Regatta Halin 2 tent

The Regatta Halin 2 is the cheapest in our line of tents by quite a bit. The tent pitched reasonably easily and had a good sized porch, and the sleeping area was big enough while lying down and ventilation was good. You can definitely tell it is a cheaper build and the elastic popped out of one of my poles on first erection. This could be easily fixed though.

It did surprise me how well it stood up to the weather though. It is quite a low profile which is bad because you can’t sit up in it making it hard to change clothes etc, but good because it doesn’t catch the wind as much. It rained all night one of the nights I had it up and it was dry in the morning. The groundsheet appears to be bombproof and even extends into the porch; you just have to watch it doesn’t stick out beyond the outer or you’ll end up with a puddle in your porch by morning.

I doubt it would last a lifetime and on a prolonged trip I’d be a little worried something might go.  But if your out for a night at a time and it’s what you can afford it’s a pretty good tent for the money.

Reviewed in May 2015 Issue