Despite being thin and lightweight the Rab Transition Windstopper hiking gloves provided surprising levels of warmth. Whilst I’m not sure they quite live up to the ‘Windstopper’ name – I could feel some wind chill on particularly blustery days when I was moving slowly in arduous walking conditions – they kept my hands warm and comfortable in high places on quick jaunts, thanks to the Gore-Tex Infinium material with the Windstopper technology’s light weather resistance. 

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These Rab Transition Windstopper gloves aren’t designed to offer a great deal of rain protection, as Rab states, and they do remain cold for a while when wet. Yet, the silky-smooth three-layer membrane glove offers superlative breathability – warmth without clamminess – during more energetic days out. The Windstoppers are ideal for staying comfortable on super-fast ascents, and I happily reached for them as liner gloves on colder mountain days. 

Offering by far the most stretch in this test, the low bulk subsequently allows for high levels of dexterity. Whilst the finger fit is generous – not what I’d class as a slim fit, possibly down to the unisex nature of the sizing – the stretch allows plenty of wiggle room for gripping. I found these gloves comfortable to wear throughout long days, where other pairs in this test were removed much sooner. 

The all-over silicone palm grip is ergonomically designed and was a great benefit whilst using trekking poles. The durability also exceeded expectations on such a lightweight model. However, you can feel the contours of the grip through the thin glove fabric which might irritate some. 

These as they aren’t quite as warm as others that we’ve tested (see our guide to the best hiking gloves for more), but I’ll still be packing them both as a liner glove on winter excursions and for quick blasts in the spring and summer. And there’s no way I’m misplacing these in my pack!

Pen yr Ole Wen's photogenic stile.

Tested by Francesca Donovan

Francesca tested these gloves hillwalking and scrambling in snow, rain and high winds, as well as on unseasonably milder days in the Southern Uplands, Eryri (Snowdonia), the Lake District and the Peak District throughout late winter and spring. Temperatures ranged from just below freezing to 10 degrees. She says her hands run hot. Francesca wears a size Small and weights (per pair) are supplied from her own digital scales.