The Cirrus Wind Top is very light with a functional design. It’s made from Pertex Quantum, a very fl exible, silky-feel nylon that I know from other garments is surprisingly hard-wearing, given how thin it is. The softness of the fabric means it does flatten easily against you in the wind and so isn’t ideal for winter storms. The rest of the time it’s fine. The pockets are the best features of the Cirrus as they are large enough for maps and at the right angle and in the right position to make comfortable handwarmers. The bottom of the pockets is cut off by a hipbelt but they can still be used even for maps. Other makers take note – this is what windproof jacket pockets should be like. The hood however isn’t quite so good. It moves with the head and gives good protection as long as you’re not facing into a strong wind. Then it can be blown half off your head as there are no drawcords and the elastic on the rim gives easily. The elastic on the cuff s is a little tighter. As usual it stops ventilation. The sleeves can be pushed up.