The Primus Trailbreak is a wide-bodied flask with a matching opening that makes it easy to fill and clean. There are two plastic stoppers supplied, one of which is plain with a silicone seal, and this, along with the wide , made the Primus one of only two flasks in the review I was happy to carry hot soup in. It was easy to clean later. If you like a soup in your flask now and then, this is a real point in the Trailbreak’s favour.


Price: £40 | Weight: 628g (750ml) | Materials: stainless steel, silicone, PP-plastic | Features: rubber outer, insulated cup, 2 included stopper designs, wide mouth | Dimensions: 302x92mm (750ml tested) | Sizes: 750ml, 1L |

The other stopper has a quarter-turn top section with a spout to pour from. The flow from this is a little splashy, but it is well shaped to allow you to drink straight from the flask. The cup/lid is large and double-walled stainless steel to insulate your hands from the hot contents. It is very wide and quite a handful with thick gloves on; but it has ridges embossed in its outer skin for holding and unscrewing, and it is consequently comfortable and secure in the hand.

The stainless steel body is embossed with dimples to aid grip, but the Trailbreak also comes with a full-length silicone sheath – excellent for grip, and protects the steel from drop damage. This can be rolled off completely for cleaning but getting it back on is very difficult. I’ve found dirt doesn’t penetrate underneath anyway, so rolling back the edges occasionally for a wipe down has been enough. 

Performance is excellent with 87°C contents temperature recorded after three hours, 80°C after six hours and 73°C at nine hours. The Trailbreak has been dependable for hot drinks on long winter days, and although comparatively wide-bodied it does fit into smaller packs well.