Evolution Light is not a top to wear if you are selfconscious about your shape. This is formfitting to the point of being sprayed on – well, it is on me, anyway. Luckily, it is also very stretchy and very lightweight. There are only four seams: one down each sleeve, and raglan shoulders. Elsewhere, the fi t-eff ect of panelling is created by open ladder stitches which allow expansion or, for supermodels, contraction in diff erent zones. The snug fi t means moisture is quickly picked up by the fabric, and the high polyester content allows it to evaporate quickly. But the polyester means it gets smelly (there’s not enough nylon to counteract it eff ectively). The ‘tube’ construction of the body plus the tightness of the garment encourage the hem to retreat to the narrowest point – the waist – so the top tends to roll up from the bottom. It’s certainly not unique to Odlo – it’s just what tight layers do on curvy women. Of course, if you’re thin with a straight waist and hips, you can ignore that last bit.