This is the first bivi bag I’ve tested that comes with a pump!

This is because the Gogo Elite has a tyre-like tube at the head that when inflated raises the top of the bag up and turns it into a mini-tent. Inflating the tube, which can be done from inside the bag, is quick and easy to do. There is no pole at the foot although Nemo suggest a small stick could be used here to hold the fabric up.

The headroom is enough for me to lie on my side supported on my elbow, which means I can eat, drink and read fairly easily inside. There’s a zipped mesh panel inside the door so you can have ventilation and keep the midges out when it’s not raining.

Breathability is okay. If I had to sit out a storm I’d rather be in this shelter than a basic bivi bag. However for this weight and price much roomier tents are available while a simple bivi bag plus tarp over the head would cost much less and provide more room.