The Super Tool 300 is one of Leatherman’s heftiest models. I’ve been using the significantly smaller Juice CS4 for years now and have found it excellent. The Super Tool 300 is significantly larger and heavier, but more versatile – there’s little that this couldn’t handle. The main blade, at 7.5cm, is the longest here, and locks safely into place. There’s also a good blade with a serrated edge, and a saw that I’ve never used. There are 19 tools including the useful screwdrivers, can openers, and also a ruler and wood/metal file, which could come in handy for mending gear. Like all Leatherman tools, it is very well built, and once the lock is in place it feels solid. All the tools and its size mean it’s probably overkill for most short trips, but for longer backpacking adventures it would be excellent – and it’s also designed for use when wearing gloves. It has a carry case.

First published: Aug 2013