The MSR Windburner is a heat exchanger camping stove with a regulated burner that is excellent for melting snow and for use in freezing temperatures. It’s designed for one person. The pot will hold 1 litre but that fills it to the brim so it’s best to use it with a smaller amount so it doesn’t boil over. Flame control is good so you can simmer food. However as you can’t see the burner it’s easy to turn it off rather than just down so you have to lift the pot off and relight it.

Chris Townsend Recommends

The Windburner shines as a winter stove and in very windy conditions but is quite heavy for summer use.
  • Wind resistance
  • Fast boil time
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Simmers well
  • Quite heavy
  • Narrow pot
  • Can’t use other pots
  • Expensive
Quick specs
Price: £200
Weight: 425g 
Accessories: 1 litre pot with heat exchanger & insulated pot cozy, 0.5 litre bowl, canister support
Fuel: butane/propane canister
Packed Dimensions: 18 x 11.5 cm
Burner Diameter:  7cm
Burner weight: 198g
Power: 2050ww/7000 BTU
Boil time: 2min 36sec     
Fuel used: 8g

The regulated burner is a radiant one that glows red rather than produces a flame. It’s surrounded by a windshield and the pot locks into this with a twist so it can’t fall off. The whole unit is tall and narrow though so care is needed to ensure it doesn’t all topple over. Boil time is fast and fuel efficiency good. No windshield is needed as the built-in one is very effective

There’s a cosy round the pot and a semi-rigid fabric handle that gives a good grip. The lid is transparent and has strainer and drinking holes. It fits well when new but warps a little after use. When drinking or straining you need to keep a finger on the lid to hold it in place.  The pot is tall and narrow – great for boiling water, not so good for cooking as food can stick unless you keep stirring. Because of the proprietary fit you can’t use other pots, except for larger MSR ones with the same attachment.

The MSR Windburner shines as a winter stove and in very windy conditions but is quite heavy for summer use.