The rectangular Duomid is an ultralight pyramid tent that pitches very fast using a trekking pole and is stable in bad weather. It’s available in either silnylon or Cuben Fibre. Unlike the Trailstar, the Cuben Fibre version is easy to pitch because it has a fi xed shape. It has the advantage over silnylon of being much lighter and coming with taped seams (you have to seal the silnylon ones yourself). The penalty is increased price.

The Duomid has good headroom in the centre and reasonable headroom at the sides as the walls are steep. There are guylines on each side to pull the fabric out and stop winds blowing it inwards. The zip is a water-resistant one with a snap-fastened fl ap over it. When open rain can come straight into the tent so it has to be closed in wet weather. It’s one way only so you can’t just open the top for ventilation or to look out. There is a high vent on the tent.

There’s room for two people inside with gear and for one it’s spacious. Mountain Laurel Designs make two inners for the Duomid, the Solo Innertent (c£94) and the Duo Innertent (c£107). I tried the former and found it rather restrictive as it’s not that roomy, which seems a shame in a tent with so much space. Only one side of the inner can be opened too, which doesn’t match the Duomid door, which can be opened wide. I think one of the OookWorks inners would be a better choice.

The Duomid is an excellent ultralight tent. If the Trailstar didn’t exist it would be my best buy.