The X-Shot is a powerful headlamp suitable for long hours of use in rugged terrain. It’s relatively heavy and expensive but that’s countered by the power and the modes. The lamp has one large LED and two small LEDs. The former provides a bright spotlight, the latter a flood light. The lights are activated by a soft switch on the top of the housing. This isn’t recessed but needs to be pressed briefly twice within one second to turn the light on so doing so accidentally is extremely unlikely. After the first two presses the flood light comes on at the lowest level. Single presses then cycle through the flood on high level, the flood and spot together with the latter on the lower level and then the spot alone on maximum power. Being able to have the flood and spot on together is very useful when walking. If you just want the bright spot briefly you do have to cycle through all the modes again to get to the flood and spot together. In the combined flood and spot mode the output distance is 40 metres, which is enough for most uses. The battery case sits on the back of the head and balances the lamp well. It feels comfortable even though there isn’t an overhead strap. The back of the case flips down to give easy access to the batteries.