These are the second lightest boots tested and one of the most breathable pairs (apart from the Hi-Tec Sierra Lites) due to the open mesh of the uppers. How well this will protect the Gore-Tex lining over time is open to question but initially it certainly makes them a little cooler than other membrane lined boots. Between the mesh and the sole is a band of leather to protect against abrasion. There’s also a hard toe bumper and a stiff synthetic external heel support. The volume is quite low and the fi t tight on my feet, especially at the forefoot. Lacing is via leather and fabric loops with just one pair of hooks at the top. It’s easy to open up the boots to get them on and off though and when tightened they hold the feet in place well.

The Vibram sole unit is unusual as it has large panels with hexagonal indentations as well as hexagonal lugs. The grip is fine but the tread can pick up dirt and mud, especially at the heel. The cushioning is good, especially under the heel. For such light boots the sole is quite stiff, flexing at the forefoot only with a little effort.