The Lofoten is another thick bag suitable for temperatures down to around freezing for warm sleepers, making it comparable to the Rab Genesis 2 and Jack Wolfskin Touch The Clouds bag. It’s lighter than those bags while providing similar warmth, but it’s also more expensive and just as bulky. The fi t is fairly slim – I couldn’t wear many clothes inside. The fi ll is soft and fl exible and there are two layers to cut out sewn-through seams. The shell fabrics are comfortable too. The hood fi ts snugly and is very warm but I did find the stiff piece of fabric covering the top of the zip rubbing against my face at times. The zip itself runs without catching and has a thick baffl e behind it. There isn’t a shoulder baffl e but there is a drawcord across the top of the bag so it can be closed round the shoulders without the hood being cinched in. For warmth this is a good choice as long as weight and bulk don’t matter too much.