The low price on the Lomo Summit Floodlight is the most obvious thing to comment on, but what do you get for your £6? Well, quite a lot actually you can compare the Lomo to other head torches in our guide to the best head torches for hiking. On full power, it casts 100 lumens of light, in a nice puddle that is fine for walking and doing tasks around camp, although not brilliant for picking out features away from the path. It’s equivalent to the low power mode on more expensive torches, which is the setting that I use most of the time anyway. Lomo doesn’t provide a figure for battery life but one set of AAAs were still going strong after a couple of evenings on the hill, about 6 hours in total.

Price: £6 | Weight: 74g | Output: up to 100 Lumens | Power source: 3 x AAAs | Features: three white light settings, simple adjustable elastic headband

There are three power settings, all controlled through a single easy-to-operate button located on the top of the head torch body; pressing this will cycle through the modes. The cradle is a single strap design that is comfortable and easily adjustable.

The housing is described as “weatherproof” but it’s not given an IP rating so we can only guess at how much weather it is proof against. The main negative is that the housing feels flimsy, raising questions about durability. On that basis alone, I find it hard to recommend this as a main head torch if you only plan to carry one; but as a neat little case for your spare AAA batteries, which also doubles as a backup in case of head torch failure, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Lucy wallace, writer for the great outdoors magazine

Tested by Lucy Wallace

As part of her day job, Lucy trains and assesses future Mountain Leaders, which involves a lot of night navigation exercises! All torches were weighed on her own digital scales and include batteries.