The lightest of the three sleeping bags in Lifeventure’s Sleeplight series, this is another thin bag for which main attraction is the low weight. Like most other sub-kilo bags, it’s only really suitable for warm sleepers in UK summers. However, Lifeventure do say it is designed for “travelling in warm climates” and it has features aimed at this. In particular, it has a three-part anti-bacterial treatment to make it resistant to mosquitoes and bedbugs and to prevent it smelling. The zip also runs right round the foot so the bag can be opened fully on hot nights. The fi t is very roomy so when cold plenty of clothes could be worn inside. The lining and fi ll are both soft and flexible but the outer shell is somewhat stiff and crackly, although the noise didn’t keep me awake. The wide hood pulls in round the face well and the zip, which has a thin baffl e behind it, runs smoothly. It wouldn’t be my choice for UK use but for backpacking in hot countries I would certainly consider it.