The MH5 has unique features that make it stand out. It’s designed for one purpose: to throw a bright spotlight beam a long way. The 400lm high spot can be focused using a lens, and this tight beam will reach almost 200m: great for finding indistinct features at a long distance or following a bearing. But it lacks a good flood mode; even at its widest setting, the beam is hard-edged and not ideal for close-range tasks. You get a red mode, by pressing the button for five seconds. There is a clear battery indicator LED on the top.

The torch detaches from a plastic mounting cradle, converting to a hand torch, although it’s not the most comfortable. In this mode you get a metal clip for attaching it to a pocket (it’s at the wrong angle for a hat brim). Battery life is the gotcha here: I never achieved the claimed 35 hours in low mode, and on high it was more like 2 than 4. The internal battery recharges via a proprietary magnetic cable (no USB). You can also use a standard AA with a hit to battery life.

If you want a long-distance tight beam, then this is worth considering – it’s an ideal sidekick light for occasional use alongside a general-purpose head lamp. I often found myself carrying it just for its amazing trail-finding ability.

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