The Dominica II is a reasonable sandal at a reasonable price though the weight is on the high side. The Vibram sole grips well but the cushioning isn’t as good as on most other sandals, especially under the forefoot, where it’s quite thin and hard. The sole is curved with slight lips at the toe and heel. Combined with the grooved footbed this holds the foot in place quite well.

 The straps also hold the foot in place. However the adjustment range isn’t great, especially at the forefoot. I could only just close the strap here. These sandals are more suited to those with narrow feet. I’m not sure of the need for the rear strap as the instep strap pulls this in round the ankle. I haven’t missed it on sandals without it. The straps are slightly padded and the soft inner surface is comfortable against the skin. The waterproof suede repels moisture so they dry quickly.

 Costing slightly less than most sandals, the Dominica IIs are good value for money if they fi t and the weight doesn’t matter. I’d rather have lower weight and better cushioning though.