These are the lightest sandals tested, which made me consider them for the TGO Challenge (when they would be in the pack some of the time so weight mattered). However after wearing them I decided they weren’t the best choice for two reasons. Firstly the patterning on the footbed can be felt against the feet. This is only a slight irritant but it could become more after a few days’ backpacking. More importantly the tread is rather shallow and doesn’t grip quite as well as that on most other sandals.

In other respects these sandals are fi ne. The cushioning is okay and the straps are comfortable with plenty of adjustment. The instep buckle is a little awkward to close and I’d be concerned it might snap on a long trip. I don’t think it’s necessary though it does make getting the sandals on and off easier. Drying time is quick due to the synthetic materials.

For carrying in the pack for camp, hut or town wear these sandals are excellent due to the low weight. For hillwalking I’d like a better tread.