Dougie Cunningham is impressed by this lightweight, well-cushioned boot that he’s been testing in Iceland and the Scottish Highlands 

The Kaha is the most robust boot in the Sky range, boasting a full-grain leather upper and a high ankle that provides plenty of support. An eVent liner provides waterproofing. After the deep snowy conditions in Iceland during the product launch, I can comfortably say that the boot is well
insulated, particularly for its weight.

The thick, dual density midsole may look cumbersome but actually has less of a drop (the difference in height between heel and forefoot) than most traditional hiking boots, and feels very natural. It is a little too soft for the snowy conditions we experienced in Iceland, but the extra cushioning certainly reduces the impact on your ankles and knees when on a regular trail. This is particularly obvious when descending but also appreciated at the end of a long day, when the lightness of the boots will also help you feel less fatigued.

Deep lugs on the Vibram Megagrip sole give the Kaha excellent traction on everything from rock to mud. The soles lack a traditional heel breast, which is something I normally like in a boot. The space where it would normally be found is full of lugs, however, and in practice, I can’t say that I noticed the absence. The sole is also quite broad, which makes the boot feel stable despite the extra height from the midsole, and inspires confidence on uneven ground. I felt perfectly happy in the Kaha out and about in Torridon last week.

Overall, this will be a perfect boot for long days out or multi-day camping missions.