It might be pricey, but Chris Townsend rated the Hilleberg Helags 2 as one of the top-performers in his May 2021 review of two-person tents. Read the full review here.

Hilleberg’s new Helags tents are designed for three-season use and are made from lighter materials than Hilleberg’s four-season models. Even so, the Helags 2 is a tough tent with a higher hydrostatic head for the flysheet than most of those tested plus a far higher groundsheet hydrostatic head than any of them.

It’s very easy to pitch as a unit and is one of the roomiest tents tested with good headroom the whole length and two big porches. Two full-length mats easily fit inside with space between them and at either end. The outer doors can be opened a number of ways, including completely rolled back for easy access, wide views and ventilation. The lower edges of the flysheet are curved to allow ventilation without compromising protection from rain and the inner doors are mesh.

In terms of design, performance and materials the Helags 2 can’t be faulted. The weight is good for a tent this roomy too. If money is no object this is the best tent reviewed. However, it is expensive, costing over twice as much as the next most expensive and five times as much as the least expensive. But it should last well and would be an ideal choice if you’ll be using your tent a great deal.