This is the smallest capacity and the lowest-cost pack tested and I have to say it’s pretty good value. There are much more expensive packs that aren’t as functional. It’s a long, thin pack, which means the back length isn’t very short but which also means gear low down in the pack isn’t that easy to access. There are plenty of pockets for small items though and the front and top pockets are quite roomy. The side mesh pockets are quite small though and I could barely squeeze a 700ml bottle in. All the features are easily used and don’t interfere with each other.

The Summit is a body-hugging pack and stability is good. There’s an air channel between two thick foam pads on the back and the whole back is covered with open mesh. Your back can still get quite sweaty though. With 6kg in – which was a squeeze – the pack is quite comfortable.

Although it has ice axe loops I don’t think this pack is really big enough for winter unless your gear is very compact. For three-season use it’s fine however.