Our mountaineering reviewer, Kirk Watson, climbed high in the snow-covered Cairngorms to review the best two-person tents. On test Force Ten MTN 2 tent

This is a bombproof geodesic design made from solid durable materials and completely waterproof. The inside pitches first by hang in the inner onto the poles, so if it is raining your inner might get a bit damp while pitching but if your quick, which you should be with this tent, it shouldn’t be a problem. It seemed a little fiddly at first but pretty quick and great once erected. It was nice and tight with no flapping in the wind. The tent has good floor space, head room and reasonable porches. The ventilation was good inside, but you definitely needed to open it in my winter test weather as condensation did begin to build as with most tents. I like the luminous guys to stop people tripping over them too, a nice extra.

Reviewed in May 2015 Issue