Chris Townsend reviews a pair of Fjällräven trousers designed for warmer weather

The Vidda Pro Lite are tough hiking trousers made from a version of Fjällräven’s well-established and hard-wearing G-1000 polyester/cotton fabric designed to be light and airy. G-1000 Air Stretch has a slight one-way stretch but it’s nothing like that of the stretch softshell fabrics used for many hiking trousers, including some from Fjällräven such as the Keb Agile Trousers. In fact the stretch of the Vidda Pro Lite trousers is barely noticeable in use as the fit is quite loose.

The weave is also slightly more open than standard G-1000 fabric and it stretches and opens a little more when under tension. Fjällräven calls this ‘mechanical stretch’. This means the trousers are not as windproof as ones made from standard G-1000 such as the Vidda Pro though they’re still more wind-resistant than many stretchy softshell trousers.

The fabric resists light rain and dries fairly quickly when wet, though not as fast as thin 100% synthetic materials. Water resistance could be improved by treatment with Fjällräven’s Greenland Wax but that would reduce the breathability.

The trousers have a high recycled content and the cotton is organic, which is good.

Fjällräven says the Vidda Pro Lite are ‘optimised for warm-weather conditions’ and they’re certainly cooler than standard G-1000 trousers on hot summer days. At the same time they’re not as cool as lighter, thinner trousers and more suitable than the latter when temperatures drop. They’re not full-on winter trousers but I think they are fine for three-season UK use.

In design they are typical Fjällräven with multiple pockets and a slightly baggy look. The seat and knees are made from two-layers of fabric for durability. At the ankle there are stretchy straps and studs so they can be tightened around boot tops plus hooks for attaching to laces. Three leg lengths are available, which is good. Many trousers with ankle adjustments only come with one leg length.

There are four stud-fastened leg pockets, three of them quite roomy – one will hold a map. Inside one there’s a stretch slot for a smartphone. The fourth leg pocket is narrow and designed for a multi-tool. I don’t find the latter useful but the other pockets are good for various items such as phone, map, and compass.

The Vidda Pro Lite are comfortable trousers that should prove durable. They are expensive though.

RECOMMENDED: This product has been awarded our ‘Recommended’ endorsement, meaning our reviewer believes it is a strong product which works well for its intended purpose.