This is an unusual jacket, a cross between a softshell and a windproof. The fabrics are quite thick and this is much heavier than any of the other garments. For summer it’s overkill. For winter it would be ideal to wear all the time, especially in snow, except for the lack of a hood, a strange omission on a jacket like this. The fully windproof fabric makes up the front, shoulders and collar. The stretch softshell fabric on the arms and back isn’t fully windproof and a shell might be needed over the Älv Lite in strong cold winds. The pockets are roomy, though none will take a map. The adjustable cuff s mean the sleeves have ventilation and can be pulled up. The high collar is fleece-lined and feels snug. As a cold weather jacket to be worn all the time the Älv Lite is fine. As a year-round windproof it’s too heavy and bulky in my opinion. I think it’s more an alternative to a soft shell jacket than a windproof top.