Looking for a comfortable jacket to take on casual hill walks? Chiara Bullen reviews the Finisterre Nebulas Insulated Jacket.

Unable to find as much time as I’d like for big climbs and long treks, I’ve found myself on many ‘in-between’ walks this year. Routes through hills that aren’t necessarily impressive in scale, but still require some firm footing and planning. Woodland walks that stretch too far not to tackle them in casual clothes, but not long enough to need some serious footwear — and so on. These ‘in-between’ ventures leave me puzzling over what to bring and wear. Of course, it’s always best to be overprepared than underprepared. Still, I’ve been seeking footwear and clothes that are comfortable enough for these casual endeavours, but also serious enough that they’ll do the job if the weather turns.

Finisterre’s ‘warmest’ jacket?

The Finisterre Nebulas Insulated Jacket is one answer to this dilemma. It claims to be the brand’s warmest insulated jacket, and I can very well believe that claim. It’s incredibly warm, with a snug fit and lined pockets to spare your hands from the cold if you happen to forget your gloves. Slipping it on when the cold gets too much feels like stepping into a warm room after being caught in a storm. The concealed cuffed wrists are excellent at keeping the heat in, and the water-resistant outer shell holds up well during typical British showers.

Warmth and breathability

Lightweight and comfortable, the Finisterre Nebulas Insulated Jacket is made entirely from recycled polyester and insulation, which is a great initiative from Finisterre. Things can get a bit stuffy if you misjudge the weather as there’s little ventilation, but since the emphasis is on warmth I can’t really fault the jacket for that.

Perfect for forest, coastal and other casual hill walks, the Finisterre Nebulas Insulated Jacket is a wonderful winter warmer that’s more versatile than it looks.


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