Super Inferno is a good name for these puff y mitts. They really are very warm, making them ideal for carrying in case of extreme cold. Most of the time though they are likely to be too hot, except for those who suffer from cold hands. The bulk means you can’t do much with your hands when wearing them but at least when you have to remove them your hands will be warm. The mitts are lined with a soft breathable fabric that slips on and off easily. The cuff s are quite wide but can be closed down round your wrist, making the mitts suitable for wearing inside or outside jacket sleeves. The reinforcement on the palm doesn’t cover the finger area so there isn’t quite as much abrasion protection as on some other gloves and mitts. I would still expect the mitts to last well though. The price is good for a top quality warm mitt. If you don’t need the insulation Extremities also makes the excellent Guide Tuff Bags, which are Gore-Tex shell mitts. I’ve used these for many years. The cost is £45.