Coleman’s Biker is another thin, fairly light bag that is better suited for those who sleep warm or for use in countries with hotter nights. It’s very roomy, though, so thick, warm clothing could be worn inside. The cost is lower than most similar bags too. The zip runs okay and has a small baffl e behind it. The hood closes round the face neatly. The lining is very soft and comfortable next to the skin. The best feature of the Biker is its stuff sack, however. Other bags come with heavy stuff sacks that aren’t waterproof and compress with fiddly straps and buckles. The Biker has a drybag. It weighs 82 grams and has a rollover top and a valve so air can be squeezed out. I wouldn’t compress the Biker or any synthetic bag in this but it’s great for other items you want to keep dry – I hope Coleman will sell it separately. The dry bag and the cost just give the Biker the edge over similar bags but it is slightly heavier.